Posted 2 weeks ago

Some shots rollerblading on July 27th, 2014. This was my first time taking pictures of anyone rollerblading or movement/actions/sports. I wanted to shoot in aperture priority mode, but I couldn’t find the settings to not make my pictures washed out. Instead, I opted to use shutter speed priority and I like the way the pictures turned out, less the depth of field I couldn’t achieve on some shots (the first 3 I got what I wanted with DoF).

Posted 1 month ago

These are some pictures from the fireworks show last night. I had two opportunities to get something good. The first set of fireworks I used my 18-135mm lens. I didn’t quite like the pictures from that set. The second set of fireworks (pictured here) I used my 50mm. This was my first time shooting fireworks and I’m really happy with how some of the images turned out. I know some of them are not framed very well, but I enjoyed the learning experience of it.


Posted 2 months ago

My good friend, Peter Thorndal from, took these pictures of me today. It was toasty outside and my legs were still sore from skating the previous two days. But we accomplished what I had wanted and they turned out great.

Posted 4 months ago

Happy Easter 2014.

Posted 4 months ago
Posted 4 months ago

Last Saturday, I hit 10,000 miles on my WRX on the way to purchase my first ever gun. It’s not a very good picture but I picked up a Smith&Wesson M&P15-22LR. Now I need to get more parts for both my car and my gun… oh and my camera. So much to do.

Posted 5 months ago

Some pictures I took last night of my friend, Dante; his wife and daughter, and two of his co-workers. Still testing out my 50mm lens. Also, took some pics of his microphone, computer, along with a snap of my skates I just assembled hours before.

Posted 5 months ago

Just got my 50mm lens in the mail today. Some shots messing around with it. Last picture is my super shitty 2 min bokeh. Can’t wait til I have extra time to refine the bokehs and take some pictures downtown.

Posted 5 months ago

I ordered a 50mm lens today. Can’t wait to bokeh some pics.

Posted 6 months ago

I came home from work today to find my puppy stomping outside in the mud. I found this hilarious as she loves the snow and was probably trying to make the best of it while it was still around, before it melted. I snapped a few shots of her and how muddy she was but ended up the photos were a little washed out. I had the shutter speed set too low and I’ve been playing around recently with the exposure settings.

I also decided to go wash my car off before this so called “blizzard” comes on Thursday. My car also seemed to have been part of some napalm bombs by the birds near my work as it was covered in crap at least 6 different splatter/explosion areas. Olivia cleaned up nice but I didn’t put any extra effort in since the roads were still wet and she’s already dirty again. If it does snow on Thursday, I located a tripod and I’m going to try and get some video of Olivia playing in the snow.